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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Yes! you are right and there is no doubt about it


I must say that Muslim scholars are not doing enough to get rid of Black Sheep. And I still expect less cauterizing from them because they are busy in declaring their own kind (Other Muslims) infidels so why they would care about stopping the massacre at the hands of radicals in rest of the world.

If It's a Muslim Problem, It Needs a Muslim Solution - New York Times:
THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: July 8, 2005

"The Muslim village has been derelict in condemning the madness of jihadist attacks. When Salman Rushdie wrote a controversial novel involving the prophet Muhammad, he was sentenced to death by the leader of Iran. To this day - to this day - no major Muslim cleric or religious body has ever issued a fatwa condemning Osama bin Laden.
Some Muslim leaders have taken up this challenge. This past week in Jordan, King Abdullah II hosted an impressive conference in Amman for moderate Muslim thinkers and clerics who want to take back their faith from those who have tried to hijack it. But this has to go further and wider."


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