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Friday, July 15, 2005

A poem


I worte it long time ago and consider it relevant in the aftermath of London Bombings.

Another bomb exploded
Another head went down
O Beheader! you think
You are fulfilling
The 'Sunnah' (legacy) of prophet
Behold and listen!
Prophet forgave women
Children and innocent
Old and peaceful citizen
He built alliances for peace
With Jews and Christians
If Allah allowed slaughtering
Your beloved children
He would let Abraham
Take Ishmael down*
They say that you spared
Italian women
Torrita and Lori for ransom
Hah! You still maintain,
You are fulfilling
The allegiance to prophet
And pledge to your religion
I always wonder why?
You are not ashamed
For making such foolish claims

* Here I do not mean any disrespect or contempt. It is just a poetic expression. I truly understand the concept of sacrifice (qurbani) offered by Prophet Ibraham to his lord. In my poetic expression, I am making a reference to an incident in which a car bomb killed and injured many Iraqi children in a school bus. I am a muslim and understand the concept of Qurbani (sacrifice) very well and I will appreciate that my muslim fellows dont take it as a blasphemy. I am against war. However, I believe that terrorism is not a solution to the problems faced by Muslim world. I believe that suicide is not permitted in Islam. (2005)


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