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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Horrific Support for OBL in Pakistan


The findings about Pakistan are horrific as far as support for Osama Bin Laden is in question.

Pew Global Attitudes Project: Summary of Findings: Islamic Extremism: Common Concern for Muslim and Western Publics: "In Pakistan, however, a narrow majority (51%) places some measure of confidence in bin Laden, a slight increase from 45% in 2003. And in Jordan,
support for the Al Qaeda leader has risen over the last two years from 55% to a current 60%, including 25% who say they have a lot of confidence in him. Unsurprisingly, support for bin Laden in non-Muslim countries is measured in the small single digits."

However, the report does not tell us exactly in which provinces and cities the survey was conducted. A contrast exists however because support for sucide bombings (25% only against 41% march 2004) have declined in Pakistan and almost 52% believe that Islamic extremism is a threat to their country. I must say that we need an explaination of this trend against rise in support for OBL. How is that possible that people believe in peace but support OBL.


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