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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Batman Begins


Oh Yeah! Last night I watched "Batman Begins." It had been my favorite comic in childhood but the movie disappointed me a bit. The special and visual effects were marvelous. You see the Batman flying and hanging upside down behind his preys same way as in comics.

The message however baffled me.
"You fear something you become fear."
"You fear Bats you become one; the Batman."

Ok! Lets see this logic
You fear drug dealer! You become one
You fear Mafia! You become one
Your fear a terrorist! You become terror

Nah! I don't buy the message.
Sorry! Not for my kids!! However, I would give them the comics I loved.

They could have given the message "you fear something! You build up your courage." Like the centre piece message of the movie "you fall down! Only to get up."

Spiderman I & II was great. I like that movie more than Batman.

By the way! If my movie review helps you, leave a comment! I will post more reviews if readers want me to.


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