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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Decide yourself who needs media coverage and who needs justice


U.S. dismayed at treatment of Pakistani rape victim - Yahoo! News: "a horrendous crime "

The government of Pakistan in an unexplainable move has restricted Mukhtaran Mai to travel abroad by putting her on exit control list on the pretext that she will dishonor her country. The government of Pakistan's action is rather definitely bringing shame to Pakistan and its judicial system. It is the Government that is bringing a bad name to Pakistan rather than Mukhtar Mai who is the victim of a horrendous gang rape ordered by her feudal landlords. So far she is fighting valiantly to secure justice and highlight the situation of women in rural areas. The government could not provide her justice; and now denying her freedom which is her legitimate right. She has been labeled as media hungry because she has been telling her story and demanding justice rather than remaining silent.

I wonder why the courts that have let her rapists free are silent now. Why courts do not act suo moto to grant her freedom of movement and restrict the government instead. What do they fear for if they have done justice?

The advisor for women affair should have helped her board the flight instead of doing a press conference. Mai may be better off abroad as she is not going to get justice in Pakistan as the previous experiences suggest.

Decide for yourself who seeks media attention and who seeks justice; the government or the victim.

Left Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Women Affairs, Right Mukhtaran Mai the victim


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