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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I agree that there is no doubt about gay Pakistan being less inhibited than west


BBC NEWS South Asia Gay Pakistan - 'less inhibited than West': "Gay Pakistan - 'less inhibited than West'
Throughout South Asia, homosexuality has been a taboo subject. But there are signs in some areas that gay people are now becoming more open in their behaviour. In this column a gay man in Pakistan talks about the advantages of being gay there compared to the West. He prefers to remain anonymous. "

Well! I am in no way a defender of homosexuality but endorse the fact that this guy is telling the truth in many ways. Many of the Pakistanis would have heard the terms "La***day **az" and "G**do" to express ones active and passive behavior about homosexuality, respectively. Back there people would let off their steam by labeling these two terms on people with homosexual behavior and sometimes laugh them off. However, there are instances in which some homosexuals are beaten up. Usually it happens when they are caught red handed.

By the way there is no class limit on such acts however sharing with their families may be a virtue in upper class only.

Admitting it to friends is common. One of my class fellows back home admitted his sexual experiences to me. In fact he cried and said he wanted to give it up because he had fallen in love with a good girl. He got into this when he was studying in the most prestigious educational institution "A****on" in Lahore and staying at a boarding house. His first experience was by hiding in the wardrobe with another kid. The truth is that his parents had passed away at an early age and his life was void of love. Immediate family members raised him as an orphan. They would not visit him even on festivals. On Eid and other national holidays when people spent time with family he was staying at the boarding house. I wonder what else he would get into after all. As for know he is married. I have not heard from him for a long time so I don’t know if he has given up his homosexuality. He confided to me his homosexual encounter with some of film, TV and political celebrities in Lahore, Pakistan. It may be true that education and information is changing lot of things because I did not hate him just expressed my sympathy and encouraged him to give it up and become straight. I believe that if he repents God will forgive him so why care about people.

In a society where kids cannot express their feelings to their parents about the opposite sex, homosexual behavior is becoming common. Islam does allow people to marry according to ones desire however this aspect of sexuality is widely repressed in Pakistani society. Young people keep hiding their feelings and may not get married at an early age according to their desire (unemployment and poverty are also reasons for not getting married at an early age). They keep waiting for the right time to express or disclose their straight feeling. In such stressful environment sometimes some kids fall prey to open homosexuals and pedophile predators or become one of them.

To ones utter surprise the homosexualtiy in the conservative North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) is qouted to the limits of notority. The city of Mardan, NWFP has become notorious for it. Time magazine even wrote about Jhon Walker (The American Al Qaeda Combatant) that he had a lover in Mardan Pakistan. The claim was denied by the so called lover. The pakistani truck drivers are also notorious for this. It is said that they always hire a younger guy for the road trips known as "cleaner" or "chotta" (assumed to do the job of cleaning truck on short trucking stops enroute to destinations) as they stay away from home for months. Many people claim that these cleaners do a lot of cleaning, I mean more than the job of cleaning trucks.


  • I too have heard of the Pathans engaging in a lot of homosexuality. Maybe it's the colder climate of the moutains that drives them to gay-ness. Either way, what people do in their own bedrooms should not be anyone's concern. But I do see the dillema in that the next step from anonymity is openess. Not sure if we want that...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 4:12:00 PM  

  • By the way, I have nothing against the Pathans, I am married to one. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 27, 2005 4:12:00 PM  

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