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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kristoff's suggestion to Pakistanis is really valuable


This is indeed a very good suggestions to Pakistanis by Kristoff. If they just do one thing that they support Mai's cause I am sure they will not feel any embarrasment rather they will be able to walk with their heads up.

The 11-Year-Old Wife - New York Times: "I've heard from Pakistanis who, while horrified by honor killings and rapes, are embarrassed that it is the barbarism in Pakistan that gets headlines abroad. A word to those people: I understand your defensiveness, for we Americans feel the same about Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. But rooting out brutality is a better strategy than covering it up, and any nation should be proud to produce someone like Ms. Mukhtaran. So while meeting the Pakistani prime minister, Mr. Bush could discuss not only F-16's, but also repeal of the hudood laws. "

This last suggestion may not help Ms Mai's cause because ordinary Pakistanis believe that Mr. Musharraf is doing whatever his masters in Washington are endorsing. It will rather politicize her struggle. It is better that she works and maintain her cause through NGOs.

"And Mr. Bush could invite Ms. Mukhtaran to the Oval Office as well, both to hail a genuine Pakistani hero and to spotlight the goals of ordinary Pakistanis - not fighter aircraft but simple justice. "


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