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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This milk poisoning news is making me nervous but I cannot give up milk in my diet


My mother always liked one good habit in me that I always liked to consume lot of milk in my diet since my birth, which my younger brother was very much averse to. I still love to consume milk in great quantities. When my Dr. suggested me to stop consuming full milk and start taking 1% to reverse my high cholesterol build up I preferred to dilute the full milk a little bit rather than loosing the taste (even 2% does not taste as good as full milk). My Dr. disapproved the dilution practice because he opined that it is the fat. I don’t even like the taste of fat free ice cream. I told him in that my country back home we were used to drink diluted milk (thanks to milk man who loved to make money by dilution as the volume increased). I surprised the Dr. on my next visit by bringing down my cholesterol to 156 from 255. The only change I made in my habits was that I started playing squash and it did help. Man! You sweat a lot. This milk poisoning news has made me nervous as I am an avid consumer. Somehow back in 1980s I had a bout of lactose intolerance that made me rush frequently for brief moments of seclusion (I mean exit to a small room in your house or office where you can feel a little bit relief from incontinence). I did not heed the Dr. at that time either and a year later it turned out that the real culprit was ‘Gerdia’ that I was infested with on one of my hiking and trekking trips.

This milk terror news is really terrifying because there is no good alternative for milk and off course one cannot go back to his/her mother after passing a certain age limit. However we can hope that new discovery may lead to more research. I am not a scientist but I have an instinct that some thing can be done to prevent the disaster. For example, scientists should research an antitoxin that does not have any harmful effects on human health and make it compulsory to add it to milk at initial stages. Or probably find a reaction agent that is not harmful to human health but at the same time changes milk’s color or density if the toxins are added in milk in its presence. On the other hand people who handle milk must be trained in bio terror prevention.

Group publishes milk toxin study over US objection - Yahoo! News: "It was an unusual move and the academy recommended that this be a test case for a debate over whether studies that could pertain to biological or chemical warfare be classified in the way studies related to nuclear weapons often are.
The academy, an independent body that advises the federal government on scientific and medical matters, met with officials to discuss concerns. 'Following this meeting, the Council of the National Academy of Sciences decided to publish the article as originally accepted, accompanied by this editorial to make clear our reasons for doing so,' Academy President Bruce Alberts wrote in a commentary.
All of the information in the analysis was easily available on the Internet, Alberts argued. He said open publication and debate can make the nation safer.
'Because science advances through the combination of knowledge in unexpected ways, the discoveries of each individual scientist must be made available to a wide variety of other scientists, who can then either build upon or criticize them,' he added.
This 'scientific free-for all,' he said, almost always improves understanding.
'There is a second advantage to openness. Protecting ourselves optimally against terrorist acts will require that both national and state governments, as well as the public, be cognizant of the real dangers.'
The Department of Health and Human Services disagreed.
'Our concern is that if the academy is wrong, the consequences can be dire,' department spokeswoman Christina Pearson said in a telephone interview.
'Anything that publicizes vulnerabilities in the system that could facilitate an attack on the food supply, that is a concern,' she added"


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