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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Drug Trafficking, Terrorism and Mullahs


WATANDOST: Inside News About Pakistan
The prime suspect in Daniel Pearl slaying case Mr. Omar Saeed Shiekh has given an interview to NEWSLINE Pakistan through a secretly smuggled questionnaire. The interviewer Massoud Ansari has raised very interesting points. Nintey percent (90%) of Saeed's accomplices have been arrested and detained however they have not been charged with a crime because the authorities fear that it will lead to a retrial of Omar Saeed. In even of retrial the government will face embarrassment that how they mishandled this case.

One of the most interesting information I found in this interview is drug trafficking by extremists. Mr Ansari (the interviewer) states that
"Sources disclosed that the group of militants who have been picked up over the last one-and-a half-years - roughly a dozen men which include veteran militants Fazal Karim, Qari Asad and Imtiaz Siddiqui - were actually arrested for drug-trafficking and other crimes unrelated to Pearl's death"

It substantiates my point (Posted in a previous blog) that drug trafficking is another form of terrorism and the money earned from these activities is also used to finance terrorism activities by extremist elements. The extremist elements/forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan are deeply involved in drug trafficking.

I would say that there are many things that are shady in Daniel pearl murder case. I remember reading a statement by the president of Pakistan that Mr. Pearl knew a lot and that was the prime reason behind his kidnapping and murder. For a curious reader I would suggest reading Hassan Abbas’s book “Pakistan’s Drift into Extremism: Allah, The Army and America's War on Terror. The book will lead you to a journey in which you would discover how these problamatic issues are handeled in the power corridors of Pakistan.

I will write soon what Pakistani street-smarts said about this issue during my visit to Pakistan. It is startling what people think about such killings. Many in Western countries do not know why these militants choose to behead their victims. People who argue about the validity of such acts try to find their source in the ‘Sunnah’ (Legacy) of Prophet Muhammad. If a moderate Muslim tries to argue with them that Islam does not recommend such acts they would accuse him of blasphemy and consider their moral and religious duty to correct him (moderate Muslim) by force.


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